Bio-Shield Commercial

Commercial Exterior Cleans - Remove moss, algae and lichen with Bio-Shield®

Moss, algae and lichen will grow anywhere, discoloring and damaging exterior surfaces on commercial and industrial properties, schools, retirement villages and infrastructure.
These biological growths discolor and destroy protective coatings on building exteriors, and make concrete and asphalt driveways slippery and unsightly

How Bio-Shield® Works

Bio-Shield® is a biodegradable biocide that selectively kills moss, algae, lichen on any exterior surface. 
Once applied, Bio-Shield® immediately starts working to kill unsightly growths. As a result of natural weathering from rain and wind, the dead growths are gradually removed and flushed away without damaging the surface.
No waterblast cleaning or scrubbing is required and Bio-Shield will keep a treated surface clean for longer.

Clean up time depends on the substrate, level and type of growth.
Once a surface is clean, regular applications will keep it clean, with reduced labour and material, saving your organization extra expense in maintenance costs.
Bio-Shield has the same active ingredient as Wet and Forget and 30Seconds so works in the same way and will give the same result
The difference is cost - Bio Shield will save up to 50% over the cost of Wet and Forget Commercial

Easy Moss Removal, Lichen Removal and Concrete Cleaning with Bio-Shield® 

Quick and Easy application of Bio-Shield® with a Jet-Stream® Applicator, pump up garden/back pack sprayer or watering can, kills moss, algae and lichen growths quickly. The dead growths are removed by rainfall without damaging the treated surface and Bio-Shield® can then keep the treated surface clean for up to 4 years, depending on the micro climate around the treated surface

While chlorine-based products ( bleach ) such as '30Seconds' work quickly on concrete, they are broken down rapidly by sunlight so will give no residual protection. These bleach products will require more frequent applications to keep the treated surface clean. With a pH of 13, bleach can be highly corrosive on metals so should not be used on roofs

Bio-Shield® is not chlorine-based and gives extended protection to a treated surface once it is clean.
This means less-frequent applications to keep a surface clean and lower costs.

How to Successfully Apply Bio-Shield®

The key to success of Bio-Shield requires 2 conditions met during the application

 1. Apply the Bio-Shield to saturate the growths and the surface being treated

2. Ensure the surface stays wet for 10 to 15 minutes through saturation of the initial coats

 Bio-Shield® General Applications

On porous surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, synthetic grass, terracotta or stone requires the application of a single heavy coat to saturate the surface.

On non porous surfaces such as Coloursteel, glass, plastic, paint finishes this may require a second lighter coat being applied to re-wet the growths, particularly any black algae growths, as these will usually take the longest to be killed.

Vertical surfaces and surfaces sheltered from rain may need hosing or a washdown to assist in the clean up.
When used correctly, Bio-Shield is guaranteed to kill moss, lichen and fungal growths that are infesting your home.
If Bio-Shield has not worked, then it has not been applied correctly.

In our Application Guides you can find in-depth guides which cover various applications of Bio-Shield onto common surfaces.  Follow these instructions to get a professional finish every time. If you can’t find what you are looking for; Head over to ASK ANDY with any further questions. 

Limitations of Bio-Shield

Bio-Shield will kill moss, algae and lichen on any surface, however to effect a complete clean up the surface must be exposed to rain and weathering. If the treated surface is frequently shaded by overhanging trees or buildings or the treated roof surface is under TV aerials or below downpipes from upper roof levels, the surface may need more frequent applications to keep the surface clear of growth.

The length of time between applications will vary with the substrate and micro-climate around the treated surface.

Why Pay More ®

Benefits of using Bio-Shield® for exterior cleaning.

Just apply the Bio-Shield solution and the jobs done - no water blasting or scrubbing* is required.
Bio-Shield keeps the treated surface clean for longer than water blasting or chlorine-based cleaners alone, up to 2 years or longer in some situations.

Concentrated and cost effective - a 5 litre bottle of Bio-Shield® makes up 105 litres at a cost of just 94 cents per litre! Compare the diluted litre price of Bio-Shield to Wet and Forget at $3.30 or 30Seconds at $1.33.
Same active ingredient so Why Pay More?

Bio-Shield ® Application Service

If you have a large area to be treated or are not confident walking on your roof or applying Bio-Shield yourself, Bio-Shield Ltd and our partner applicators around New Zealand offer an application service at competitive prices.

Contact Andy directly on:

Telephone: NZ 0800 800 127

For more detailed information on Bio-Shield roof cleaning, visit the Roof Cleaning Ltd website