Bio-Shield® Roof Cleaning

Bio-Shield® cleans and removes all lichen, moss, and algae from roofs without expensive pressure cleaning. 
The easiest, safest and cheapest option to clean and maintain any roof is Bio-Shield® Outdoor Cleaner

Lichen, moss and algae can cause severe damage to the protective factory coatings on roofs. These growths are difficult to remove with pressure cleaning alone. The 3000 to 4000 psi water pressure required to remove lichens is enough to damage the protective coating. Despite hours of pressure cleaning, lichen will begin to regrow immediately after pressure cleaning from the residue left behind.

  • Bio-Shield has easy spray-on application
  • Cost Effective - No Water Blasting required.
  • Bio-Shield® protects from regrowth

The Easy Way to Clean and Protect Any Roof with Bio-Shield®

Follow these 3 simple steps to ensure a complete kill and removal of the lichen, moss and algae, and long lasting protection

  • Ensure the roof is dry or can be slightly damp before application
  • Apply the Bio-Shield to saturate the growths
  • On Colourbond or Clay Tiles, apply a 2nd lighter coat after 10 to 15 minutes to re-wet the surface.

The key to successfully cleaning a roof is to apply the Bio-Shield solution to saturate the lichen, moss and algae through to the base of the growths, and ensuring it does not dry out to quickly. Aim to allow drying over 10 to 15 minutes to ensure the Bio-Shield gives a good kill. Application on a cloudy day or early morning will assist. You may notice a slight, temporary colour change as the Bio-Shield takes effect.

Clean up is effected by weather action as wind and rain remove the dead growths. This cleaning process can take as little as 3 months on a Monier tile roof, or up to 12 months on a heavily infested Colourbond or clay tile roofs, and once clean, Bio-Shield can keep a roof clean for up to 3 years.
To maintain a treated roof, re-apply the Bio-Shield at the first sign of regrowth or every 2 to 3 years, for a fast clean up and to keep the roof surface clean.

Bio-Shield Application on Roofs that collect drinking water.

The collection tank will need to be disconnected before application, and stay off for 2 to 4 weeks (including at least one day of rain = 30 to 40 mm ) depending on the roof substrate. The disconnection time is relative to the amount of rainfall and the type of roof substrate -  porous concrete roofs will take longer to flush clean than Coloursteel.

You will still be able to draw water from the tank for household use during this disconnection period.  We recommend that the tank is full before disconnection and to avoid treating the roof over the summer months in drier areas as there may not be enough rain to flush the roof and refill the tank after it is reconnected.

Before reconnecting the tank check the water coming off the roof during rain. The water should have no smell or frothing. If smell or frothing is present, refrain from reconnecting the tank until the run-off water is clean.

For water tanks used on gardens only, the disconnection period may be shorter, but always reconect only after the roof has been flushed by a good rainfall.

Specific Application Instructions for Cleaning Roofs