How to Clean and Remove Moss 

Moss grows on concrete, sandstone, bricks, asphalt and synthetic turf in damp situations, and if not properly cleaned it will spread and grow into large green clumps. 

Don't waste time and money pressure cleaning to remove the moss, it will grow straight back. Moss must be killed to prevent annoying regrowth.

Bio-Shield® will Safely Kill, Clean and Remove Moss and Black Algae from any Exterior Surface.

  • Easy spray-on application - 1 saturation coat is enough.
  • No Water Blasting or Scrubbing
  • Bio-Shield® protects from moss regrowth for up to 12 months
Moss of Concrete Cobbles
Dead Moss on Concrete Cobble
Concrete Cobbles cleaned with Bio-Shield

How to Clean and Remove Moss with Bio-Shield®

  • Allow the moss to dry out as much as possible before the application
  • Apply Bio-Shield to saturate the moss to the base of the growth
  • Allow the moss to dry out for 3 to 4 hours after the application

The key to successfully cleaning and removing moss is to allow it to dry as much as possible before application, so when green moss is squeezed, minimal water comes out.
When the moss is dry enough, apply the Bio-Shield solution to saturate the moss clump -this is important for large clumps of moss and moss with deep reach into cracks and joins.

To gain the maximum effect from the Bio-Shield, the moss needs to dry out for 3 to 4 hours or longer in cold climates, after the application to concentrate the solution inside the growth.

The reason most outdoor cleaners fail to kill moss is the application is not saturating the moss and once saturated, not allowing enough dry out time before rain

Once the moss has been killed it will breakdown and be washed away by rain. If a faster clean up is required the moss can be hosed and brushed away 3 to 4 weeks after the Bio-Shield application

Moss flourishes over winter when the ground is near constantly damp. In shaded situations the moss will begin to regrow on a previously treated surface in autumn so it is recommended to re-apply Bio-Shield at the first sign of regrowth.
Regular applications of Bio-Shield will be required in damp shaded situations to keep the surface clean.

Your Bio-Shield is a great product, I bought some a few years ago then threw the empty container out before ordering some more. Therefore I didn’t have your details and I ordered a different product from another supplier by mistake.... Big mistake, it wasn’t a patch on yours. Thanks again.
Tony - Mangawhai. July 2015