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The Best Way to Clean Bricks

Moss and Black Algae grow on brick pavers and walls in damp situations, and if not properly cleaned the moss will grow into large green clumps with almost total black discolouration from the algae. 

Don't waste time and money pressure cleaning bricks - its expensive and the moss and algae will grow straight back.  Moss and algae must be killed to prevent annoying regrowth.

Bio-Shield® will Safely Kill, Clean and Remove Moss and Black Algae from any Exterior Surface including Bricks

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How to Clean Bricks with Bio-Shield®

There is specific method to apply Bio-Shield® to ensure all Moss and Algae is killed and removed.

Follow these 3 simple steps to ensure a complete kill and long lasting protection.
  • Allow the bricks and moss to dry out as much as possible before the application
  • Apply Bio-Shield at 1:15 dilution, in 3 consecutive coats to ensure saturation of the bricks
  • Allow the bricks to dry out for 2 to 3 hours after the application

The reason most outdoor cleaners fail to clean bricks is the application is not saturating the bricks.
The key to successfully cleaning of bricks is to saturate the surface with 2 to 3 consecutive coats of Bio-Shield.
Bio-Shield will kill the moss and algae within 1 to 2 hours and the surface will self clean with rainfall.  The clean up time can be as little as a few weeks for light growths, and up to 3 to 12 months for heavy growths.

On brick pavers where the black algae can be very thick, stubborn and dangerously slippery, the surface can be agitated with a stiff broom and hosed down after 2 to 3 weeks to assist removal of the dead growths.

Moss on brick pavers flourishes over winter when the ground is near constantly damp. 
In shaded situations the moss will begin to regrow on a previously treated surface so it is recommended to re-apply Bio-Shield at the first sign of regrowth.
Reapply Bio-Shield at 1:15 dilution to keep the brick pavers free of moss and algae.

Bio-Shield or Wet and Forget

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Your Bio-Shield is a great product, I bought some a few years ago then threw the empty container out before ordering some more. Therefore I didn’t have your details and I ordered a different product from another supplier by mistake.... Big mistake, it wasn’t a patch on yours. Thanks again.
Tony - Mangawhai. July 2015

Specific Application Instructions for common surfaces that moss grows on.

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Bio-Shield has been developed and used commercially for over 38 years to successfully remove moss, algae and lichen from just about every exterior surface on domestic, commercial and industrial properties. 
The same high quality product is now available for DIY and commercial use on homes and businesses throughout Australia
We are committed to supplying our customers the best outdoor cleaning product at the best price, complimented with the best technical advice and support in Australia.

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