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Is Bio-Shield available to buy in a Bunnings store near me?    
     No, Bio-Shield  is only available on-line. Direct shipping cuts out the retailer and allows a far  
     higher concentration in the bottle. Even with our flat rate shipping included, Bio-Shield is still cheaper per diluted litre 
     than Wet and Forget, 30 Seconds, Spray and Go.
     Freight cost is included in the listed prices for every product.

Does Bio-Shield work?
     Bio-Shield has been used commercially for over 38 years.  Bio-Shield has been lab tested and certified to have
     the same active ingredient as Wet and Forget, but we can supply at a fraction of the diluted litre cost of Wet and 
     Forget.  This is truly one of the rare occasions when a much cheaper product works just as well as the more 
     expensive alternative- We Guarantee It!
Is Bio-Shield safe to use for Moss Removal or Lichen Removal?
     Yes, Bio-Shield has been used commercially and safely for over 38 years on just about every external building
     surface,  including roofs, painted surfaces, concrete paths and drives, asphalt, and tennis courts.
     It contains no bleach (chlorine), phosphates. is non-acidic and fully bio-degradable once diluted.
     Follow the simple safety instructions on the bottle.
     Bio-Shield kills and removes moss, algae, lichens, moulds, fungi, mildew, bacteria and viruses.

  What does cost per diluted litre mean?
    Cost per diluted litre is the true cost of any brand of exterior cleaner once it has been diluted to its recommended  
     For example;
     A 5 litre of Bio-Shield costs AUD$119 (including delivery), and makes 105 litres - $119 divided by 105 litres   
     gives a cost of $1.13 per litre.
     A 5 Litre of Wet and Forget costs AUD$107.95 ( including delivery), and makes 30 litres - $99 divided by 30
     litres gives a cost of $3.60 per litre.

Do Outdoor Cleaners really reactivate with rain for up to 12 months?   
     Many products with the same active ingredient claim to remain on the treated surface and be reactivated
     by rain for up to 12 months.
The active ingredient in this class of outdoor cleaners is 100% water soluble, and that means several falls of rain will 
     wash it away, usually within 1 to 4 weeks,  even on a porous surface.
     Bio-Shield works to protects a surface from regrowth for up to 4 years by completely and easily killing 99% of all     
     growths and the
spores of these growths, before weather removes them from the surface.
     Regrowth will naturally occur over time as new spores are deposited on the surface and begin to regrow when
     conditions are suitable.

   How long does it take for delivery.?
     Bio-Shield are shipped direct to you anywhere in Australia at flat rate shipping.
     Estimated delivery is 1 to 3 workings days in Metro areas. Rural locations and outlying areas may take 2 to 3 days
     more.  Orders can be tracked online.
   Will Bio-Shield kill my plants?
     No, Bio-Shield will not kill plants if used carefully by avoiding direct spray onto foliage. In some cases it may cause
     minor spot damage to the leaves of delicate plants.   If in doubt, rinse the leaves off with water.

  What is the coverage rate of Bio-Shield?
     When used on concrete or similar porous surfaces, the coverage will vary from 3 to 6 m2  per litre, 
     a 5L bottle of concentrate will cover 300 to 600 m2
    When used on Colourbond or similar smooth, painted surfaces, the coverage will be 4 to 8 m2 per litre so a 5 L bottle
    of concentrate will cover 400 to 800 m2

    If the moss or lichen growths are thick and heavy, the spread rate will be reduced.
    If application is carried out on a hot day, the spread rate will also be reduced due to rapid evaporation.

    The Jet-Stream Applicator will cover from 150m2 on concrete or asphalt, up to 300m2 on Colorbond with low to
    moderate growths

  What size bottle should I buy?   
    The 2.5L Jet-Stream Applicator is the ideal size for smaller concrete areas, such as townhouse courtyards, paths and
    driveways.  It will spray 150m2 of concrete in under 8 minutes.
    It is also suited for the treatment of small Colorbond roofs on a 2 or 3 bedroom home without a garage under the
    main roof.   The Jet-Stream Applicator is reusable and refillable with Bio-Shield concentrate so you will continue to get
    the a savings

    The 5 litre bottle is best for medium to large concrete areas, concrete and stone chip coated roofs, and Colorbond
    roofs on medium to large homes.  It will make up 105 L of Bio-Shield at a cost of $1.10c per diluted litre including

    If you intend to maintain any exterior surface with regular treatments of Bio-Shield, I would recommend the  2 x 5L
    or the 20L to get the best best value for money.  Bio-Shield has an unlimited shelf life, either diluted or undiluted so
    can be stored indefinitely.
   Can I add weed killer (glyphosate) to Bio-Shield when I spray my cobbles or brick pavers ?
     Yes; add the required amount to the sprayer when using Bio-Shield to treat paving with moss, grass, or weed
    growths     in cracks or joins.  Ensure the treated surface stays dry for 3 to 4 hours to allow the weed killer time to

   Will Bio-Shield harm my pets if I clean my paths and deck?
     Bio-Shield is OK to use around pets providing some basic precautions are taken.  Remove feeding / water bowls,  
     bedding and toys from the area to be treated, and keep pets off the treated surface until it dries.  Do not feed pets
    on the treated surface until it has been flushed by rain.

   How long is the shelf life?
     Unlimited when kept in a closed container - either diluted or undiluted.

   How long will it take to clean up the surface I have treated?
     Concrete surfaces with light to moderate growth will take 2 to 4 months to clean up. Other surfaces will take from 3
     to 12 months to clean up. The amount of growth, the type and condition of the substrate, and the level of rain the
     surface is exposed to will all affect clean up time.  
     When Bio-Shield is used to maintain a previously treated surface that is starting to show the first signs of regrowth,
     clean-up is rapid, with noticeable improvement in 2 to 3 days in many situations.

   What is the best time to apply Bio-Shield?
     Any time of year is suitable provided the ambient temperature is above 100 Celsius. Warmer temperatures will
     increase the bio-cidal activity of Bio-Shield and lead to a faster clean-up. When using a garden sprayer to apply
     Bio-Shield, the best application time is early morning because evaporation is reduced.
     The treated surface will stay wet for longer, providing a better clean-up.

   I collect rain water for drinking and household use from my roof, is Bio-Shield safe to use?
     Yes, Bio-Shield has been in commercial use for over 38 years, including on roofs that collect drinking water.
     The collection tank will need to be disconnected before application, and stay off for 2 to 4 weeks (including at least 
     one day of rain) depending on the roof substrate.  Porous concrete or clay tile roofs will take longer to flush clean
     than Colorbond
     You will still be able to draw water from the tank for household use during this disconnection period.
     It is recommended that the tank is full before disconnection and to avoid treating the roof over the summer months
     in drier areas as there may not be enough rain to flush the roof and refill the tank after it is reconnected
     Before reconnecting the tank check the water coming off the roof during rain.  The water should have no smell or
     frothing. If smell or frothing is present, refrain from reconnecting the tank until the run-off water is clean.

  Will Bio-Shield clean my timber decks?
    Yes. Timber decks can initially take some extra work to cleanup, but if treated regularly every 6 to 12  months they
    will stay clean. 
    To clean timber decks, two to three consecutive coats are usually required if the growth is heavy. Agitating the wet
    deck with a yard broom and hose after 2 to 3 months will assist in clean-up. This will return the deck to its natural 
    timber colour.   After some weathering a hardwood deck will regain the silver colour. 
    Regular applications of Bio-Shield will keep it free of growth and help retain the silver weathered appearance.      

  Will Bio-Shield remove moss from my lawn?
     Yes, increase dilution rate to 1:30 = 33ml to 1000ml and apply to the moss patches.
     The best time for application is in warmer weather so the moss will dry out after Bio-Shield application.
     After 3 to 4 weeks, rake out the dead moss and resow the moss patches with grass seed. An application of lime and
     lawn fertiliser will help to promote healthy grass regrowth that will crowd out any resurgent moss.


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Bio-Shield has been developed and used commercially for over 38 years to successfully remove moss, algae and lichen from just about every exterior surface on domestic, commercial and industrial properties. 
The same high quality product is now available for DIY and commercial use on homes and businesses throughout Australia
We are committed to supplying our customers the best outdoor cleaning product at the best price, complimented with the best technical advice and support in Australia.

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