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How to Successfuly Apply Bio-Shield

          The key to success of Bio-Shield requires 2 conditions met during the application
  1. Apply the Bio-Shield to saturate the growths and the surface being treated
  2. Ensure the surface stays wet for 10 to 15 minutes.
On porous surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, synthetic grass, this requires the application of a single heavy coat to saturate the surface.

On non porous surfaces such as Coloursteel, glass, plastic, paint finishes and terracotta or stone, this requires a second lighter coat being applied to re-wet the growths, particularly any black algae growths, as these will usually take the longest to be killed.
Vertical surfaces and surfaces sheltered from rain may need hosing to assist in the clean up.

When used correctly, Bio-Shield is guaranteed to kill moss, lichen and fungal growths that are infesting your home.  If Bio-Shield has not worked, then it has not been applied correctly.
The above links are to pages that a guide to the correct application of Bio-Shield onto common surfaces around the home.
Follow these instructions to get a professional finish every time.

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Bio-Shield has been developed and used commercially for over 36 years to successfully remove moss, algae and lichen from just about every exterior surface on domestic, commercial and industrial properties. 
The same high quality product is now available for DIY and commercial use on homes and businesses throughout Australia
We are committed to supplying our customers the best outdoor cleaning product at the best price, complimented with the best technical advice and support in Australia.

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